We also provide procurement service to clients for particular projects. On behalf of client we cover all materials requirement from accessories to main and core materials , from any to designated suppliers. With our resource of purchasing officers, ware house and logistics our clients will be free of procurement management. Additionally, we consult client about tax and custom clearance procedure in minimum and effective budget.

Technical review :

Our experienced Engineer shall check and make clear on specification of material to ovoid wrong purchase.


Find and work with supplier or manufacturer based on approved specification and quantity. We always provide and consider our service to customer as if our customer target, schedule and benefit are ours. With capability of negotiation and price survey, we commit to bring best options to clients.


We help to solve inventory after project or demobilize equipment or rearrange leftover or remaining

Warehouse and logistics:

We make plan for shipment and inland transportation of products/materials including uploading, unloading.  With our warehouse and loading equipment , we handle all your needs of material arrangement, delivery to working site and storage to prevent damage or bad effect on products.

Tax and custom clearance:

If your product is imported from other countries, We will provide you a ideal options to fulfill import and export law with smooth, fast and most efficient expense in terms of tax, license (if any), custom clearance procedure.